Monday, March 29, 2010

Thinkature makes me think negative thoughts

My new tool demo project deals with Thinkature. This is a website that seems pretty darn cool. Its goal is to give you a virtual meeting room for you and your work colleagues. You can upload documents, things from the Internet, chat, write various post-its. I imagine it feels a lot like being in the same room with your co-workers, when in fact you could be in the Bahamas on vacation, sitting at a local Starbucks wishing both the weather and you coffee were a bit warmer, or just relaxing in your dorm listening to John Coltrane. (Guess which I'm doing) The homepage is compact, which is solid. The hands on demo is a nice touch, however, the "cards" which explain what you can do with the program are pretty scattered and difficult to follow. It is quite honestly hard to ascertain what exactly the purpose of the site is. The About Us section is very helpful in that respect, but that is to be found at the bottom of the page and were this not an assignment I'm almost sure I would have left this site for greener pastures before seeing and/or reading that section.

The sign in offering is large, attention grabbing, and in good proximity with the workspace demo. I have had trouble signing up (I'm 0 for 4) but that has little to do with the homepage itself and is therefore for another blog post. I'm curious if the member homepage is different. I imagine it is geared towards helping colleagues find each other to do the work assigned them. I am still very heavy handed with this program, but I do hope that with time I can get a bit of a better feel for this program.

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