Thursday, January 28, 2010

Light Reading

I've been taking a look at my Non- Designer's Web Book (which for the sake of not receiving carpal tunnel at an unfortunately early age, will henceforth be referred to as NDWB) and noticing what makes web design good and bad. I took look at the only website I really visit on a daily basis, to see how it related to the text.

Overall, I really enjoyed the layout of their homepage. There is a lot going on for sure, but it is spaced out pretty nicely. The homepage slams your senses with pictures concerning the top stories in the league. Currently, Andrew Bynum's 47 point night in Indy, where the defense is about as a Temprupedic mattress, (Guess who needs a nap) and the pending announcement of All-Star reserves. If you scroll down a bit video highlights are available, as well as a poll question, and various blogs from player and analysts that you can connect to. Apparently this blog thing is catching on....

At the top of the page there are various headings where you can look up teams, stats, standings, players, etc. As you navigate through the site, these links are always present in the same spot at the top of the page. Which is great so that you always know where you are and can get to different places on the site with ease. The sight is well aligned and layed out. The only issue I have is the lack of contrast in the game listings at the top of the homepage. The light and dark grey define whether a game is happening today or tomorrow. These colors are not the easiest to tell apart. Also as you scroll through the games, the respective lines stay on the screen, even when you are not looking at the games of that day. (This is hard to verbally explain) In short, I can see a person getting confused as to what day a specific game is occurring. With that said, I'm well used to it by now, and it only took a couple of minutes to get used too.
Go Mavs tonight.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey, my name is Tom. I'm a professional writing major at York College of Pennsylvania. Writing has always been something I've valued a great deal in my life. Working with computers on the other hand, has never been a strong suit or priority to me. This blog, and web writing as a whole is a very new experience to me, and I look forward to learning and growing from it.

I dig music, jazz, rock etc.
I do a great deal of singing and am involved with a couple of groups here at school. Including holding the presidency of YCP's Rhapsody. At home a sing in an acoustic group "The Umbrellas" with some friends of mine.

I'm a big basketball fan and enjoy playing, learning, and talking about the game. (Specifically on the NBA level)

I like to laugh and relax with good people and I look forward to sharing more with you as I traverse the treacherous terrain of the World Wide Web one post at a time.