Saturday, January 8, 2011

Joyous Return

Here I sit after a sojourn into enjoyable entropy.

I do hope my rather underwhelming return finds all enjoying what life offers.

This post is a first attempt at reshaping what was previously a strictly academic blog. From here on, this blog will serve as a documentation of what it is to be me. Thoughts, writings, journal entries etc. With that said, here it goes.

My thoughts and deepest emotions go out to Arizona tonight. An absolutely terrible tragedy taking place, 19 were wounded, 6 dead, among the critically injured, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Such a shame to live in a world where such hate is not only possible, but present. I'm not going to get preachy, I hope for healing of all involved and their families. Politics is politics, but people are people.

Not to be a sudden cynic, but I was rather annoyed that Fox News kept on repeating the sentiments of former Alaskan Senator Sarah Palin over the little scrolly-thing at the bottom of the screen. Sarah Palin was (naturally) appalled and deeply saddened and I certainly respect and share her feelings, but her opinion in the matter was about as irrelevant as Billy Joel's (guess who's on my ipod right now) or Chevy Chase's. Fox had the decency to share Palin's thoughts repeatedly, which I was very grateful for, as I wouldn't know how to react to the tragedy were she not to weigh in so emphatically and incessantly.

No disrespect to Mrs. Palin intended, and I'm certainly not one to define myself by a political party, just a little jab at Fox News.

Let's "move forward."

A word of advice: When watching sports competitions, always save some of your snack for after halftime.

Thought of the Day: Saturn is kind of the goody-goody of the planets. One of the larger planets (I believe second to Jupiter) trying to prove its worth by having its rings made of various rock and ice chunks hangin' out for everybody to see, boasting about its sixty moons and moonlets. Who the heck is Saturn trying to impress? Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter all have rings, but you don't see them being all hoity-toity about it. Clearly, Saturn is compensating for something. Furthermore, it wouldn't surprise me if Saturn began the campaign to remove Pluto from the planet list. My guess is Saturn is trying to pick off all the planets one by one until it is the only planet left. If intelligent life does exist on Saturn, they're probably a bunch of snobbish assholes that none of use would want to get to know anyway. You can keep your advancements in medicine and technology, Saturn, I'd rather have my self-respect.

Song of the Day: Loving Wings - Dave Matthews Band

Jazz Song of the Day: The Good America- Keith Jarrett

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