Monday, March 15, 2010

These cats almost ruined my birthday

My driver's licence expired on my 21st birthday. I have not been home to New York to renew it. As a result, my licence is technically invalid and does not scan correctly at bars (such as Murph's) that scan I.D.s to determine whether or not you can get into the place. I was essentially told that after my birthday, I would not be re-admitted until this situation was rectified. As an homage to this predicament, I take a look at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle's website.

This homepage is decent, I don't like the lowercase links. Without bold font and CAPITALIZATION, those links blend right in with the web page. The links at the left of the screen are pretty clear and helpful and there is a search box available in the top right corner of the site. The various things that the web site offers you are color coded in boxes which is helpful, considering just how confusing the DMV can be. The information in the grey blue area seems kind of clumped together, while related, and though red arrows separating them are better than nothing, I feel as though this could be cleaner. There is also kind of a false bottom beneath the ever-taunting smiling face.

It's really the lowercase letters that get to me, and the information seems a bit intimidating and overwhelming at first glance.

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