Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sun Rises and Sets in Baltimore, Maryland

It seems I have saved the best for last. I have decided to take a closer look at Baltimore's primary source for news that matters most.
All playful kidding aside, the Baltimore Sun website really is pretty admirable. The site has easy navigation toolbars at the top of the page that allow the visitor to navigate different topics and stories with ease from anywhere on the site. It's so simple. A tool bar exists for both news types, (sports, local, weather, entertainment, and of course, a seperate link for the O's) and a toolbar for the publication itself, regarding available jobs, homes, and a contact section). The clear seperation of links and what they pertain to, is invaluable to web design ease and enjoyment to the visitor.
The homepage is colorful, with major headlines listed clearly on the homepage of the site. Note that school closings are listed even before these headlines. This is effective because the website seems to have its priorities in order. That is to say that they know what information that the most people of the area would want to know most quickly.
Seperate boxed sections with title headings make it clear what stories will be covered where. At the bottom of the page, are more links to help narrow down what type and what area you want your news to pertain to. This is also the first website I've seen with a clear search box at the top right corner of the page.
There is a lot of scrolling that this website demands which can probably be cut down upon, but then again, there is a lot of news in Baltimore.
The gray columns on the sides of the site prevent having to read too long on the same line. Makes things easier on the eyes.
Baltimore has lived up to its reputation and has developed a top notch newspaper website.

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