Monday, March 15, 2010

Something else I did (in moderation) on my birthday

In keeping with the 21st birthday theme, I took a look at the website of Samuel Adams brewery. This is a high quality beverage with a homepage to match. It requires no scrolling and have scrolling adds and photos on the page. The links are a bit small and should probably be on the top of the page and not the middle. However, since there is no scrolling anyway, I don't think that the clarity of the site is an issue. What immediately catches your eye other than the pictures, is the text offering a list of their flavors which is what I would imagine, most people would use the site for (unless they wanted to contact the company, which is also quite clear.) The site is minimal, but effective considering that looking and web surfing is not something usually associated with beer.

On a side note, the entering your birthday and confirmation was virtually cumbersome. I'm sure they have to do that by law, but it was still pretty annoying.

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