Wednesday, January 12, 2011

That Burning Sensation Is Normal

As a thank you for getting up early and shoveling snow for my father, he was kind enough to offer to take the family out to dinner. We ate our meal and my sister was pretty excited about trying some fondue. After our rather large meal, we didn't have much room for dessert. Noelle asked if we could take home the fondue; a practice that was, apparently, quite taboo.

Bringing home the actual dipping food seemed easy enough. However, then there was the matter of bringing home the chocolate, which presided majestically over the scorching blue flame of the sterno (spelling?) beneath the scalding hot pot.

Each of us tried in vain to lift up the hot pot and pour it into the take-out soup canisters that our waiter was kind enough to provide us with. Fearing for the safety of our respective digits, we had all but given up on the transportation of our sweet treat.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, our aforementioned waiter swooped in and, unprovoked, proceeded to lift the pot from it's holder and pour its contents into the container. The table was in awe and my mother ventured to ask how he was holding the pot without being burned. He answered: "Oh, it is ma'am it is hot and burns quite a bit." He then sat the pot down gently went off to, hopefully, ice his hands thoroughly.

Everyone at the table was left in a relative stupor, with the exception of Noelle, who laughed heartily at the incident. A sincere tip of my hat to that waiter who proved in this instance to be a better man than me and certainly worthy of his tip.

Advice of the Day: When taking the time to step out of the way of an approaching snow plow, make sure another one is not approaching you from the opposite direction as your back is turned.

Thought of the Day: I had said previously that I would not make this blog about basketball. However, I'll make a small exception in this case being that the incident occurred off of the hardwood. LeBron James has done his best to make sure the world continues to see him in a negative light. This explains what I'm referring to. I'm going to keep this much briefer than I could. If you want me to expound on it, let me know, but I think the story speaks for itself.

1. Posting the tweet even though it wasn't an original thought is just like posting an original thought. As he himself said, it reflected the way he felt at that particular time. As juvenile as that post was (although, the jury is still out as to whether or not God hates Cleveland) I would respect it a whole lot more if he admitted to having those feelings. How on earth does that post "not refer to [the Cavs]? If you want to be a tough guy off the court, own up for your statements and actions. It's not enough to let your game do the talking if you are the one perpetuating drama off the court.

2. I hate how even his apologies are backhanded cheap shots. "I bet they wish that they played better." This reeks of his shots at Joakim Noah last year after dance-gate. Immature, to put it very nicely.

3. The Heat lost to the Clippers tonight, who've won 8 of their last 11. Please note that LeBron did hurt his ankle in the third, and I do hope he's okay. Although, he's not too bright and can be kind of an idiot, I do hope that I speak for most of America when I say I wish not real harm to him our his family. I merely root with all my heart that he never gets a ring. That is the right of every basketball fan.

4. If karma is indeed a bitch, then I would prepare for another exit in the Eastern Conference Finals, Mr. James. Not because you left Cleveland, you had every right to do that. No man can tell you what is best for you and your family and your pursuit of a ring. The decision was a mistake and you should have told the organization in advance that you were planning to leave for sandier pastures (oxymoron and I love it), but that has been beaten to death. I think this issue most of America has for LeBron is that he is very immature in that when he went to Miami, King James left his throne and joined his court (loving this wordplay). However, his mindset, attitude and actions still reflect a King James aura that no longer is endearing in the least. His laid back dance it up and have fun persona is no longer playful, i.e. Dwight Howard, but petulant and annoying. Even his coach has publicly said he "can't tell when [LeBron] is serious."

In short, Lebron's journey to Miami was a way of saying I am no king and I can't do it alone. His mind has yet to follow his body, as his continued displays of immaturity illustrate. I would like nothing more than to let LeBron fit in with the rest of the league and become a part of a team larger than himself. But it appears LeBron with his commercials and antics doesn't quite want to see that happen as much as he'd like you to believe.

5. The media is equally to blame. For example, I actually take LeBron's side in regards to his comments about league contraction being blown way out of proportion. He's not a villain, just kind a fool who happens to be really good at basketball.

6. MJ, Kobe, and everyone else worth mentioning as an all-time great (with the exception of maybe Rodzilla or Shaq) wouldn't have said a word about any of this. Shut up and play the game, and dance when it's over.

Song of the Day: Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens
Jazz Song of the Day: Jelly Roll - Charles Mingus

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