Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Perils of Fred Durst and Your Mattress

Special birthday wishes to one of my favorite musicians, Dave Matthews. Ever-inspiring I wish you many more enriching years to you. DMB taking a well deserved break in 2011, I don't doubt that they'll come back stronger than ever in 2012. Maybe they use this respite to collect themselves and expand the boundaries of they're creativity. On the plus side, maybe Jeff will tour with the Flecktones, assuming Bela is through hyping "The Music of Rhythm". (Great Record)

Very quick mention of how well the Lake show played against the New York Chandlers, I mean, Knicks. Bynum was a force before he was tossed. No team passes better in the paint. Lamar Odom helping me cruise to a 9-1 record this season. (I made draft and depth charts.) I don't want to make this blog about ball, although it easily could be. I'm pretty much going to leave technical ball talk of of the blog, unless someone wants me to discuss something in a separate post (which I'd be happy to do).

Lots of new jazz stroking my ears lately. Some legends that are new to me, Freddie Hubbard and Albert Ayler. Some other musicians that I'm feeling are Anat Foot, Redrush Mahanthappa, Fred Hersch, Eric Dolphy, Ray Brown, Cecil Taylor, Carla Bley, and jazz's anointed one, Jason Moran living up to the hype among a few others. Thinking about starting a jazz sharing circle among some friends so that we can share new sounds with each other and share opinions and whatnot. Coltrane would call it a community of faith, and I can't say I disagree too much.

On a similar note, The Bad Plus and Geri Allen recently out with new albums I can't wait to take in. I suggest you do the same.

Advice of the Day: Playing the greatest hits of Limp Bizkit in a crowded billiard hall will likely not be as well received today as it would in your late 90's middle school homeroom. So what if I where my red Yankee hat backwards?

Thought of the Day: Caught one of those Teprupedic (spelling?) commercials on the TV today. Seems like a great product and all, but I was getting a little laugh about the way they were knocking regular beds. Something like...

"For hundreds of years, people have been sleeping at night (which makes me wonder where they nap) on hard steel rods and springs, uneven matting, live grenades, hornets' nests etc. (I exaggerate the last couple.)

They forgot to mention the soft feathery support that goes between you and those metal springs. Of course, the entire time, their showing people acting like they're in agonizing pain, but honestly their "model bed" looked like it could be used for Mortal Kombat-esque fatalities, so I don't blame them. Ah, the magic of advertising.... Finish Him!

Sleep well, my friends. Enjoy your spontaneous pillow fights with friends while wine glasses rest undisturbed on your Temprupedic.

Song of the Day: How To Fight Loneliness - Wilco

Jazz Song of the Day: Angels - Geri Allen

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