Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Be Still Nothing

I've been reading a good bit of David Shields lately. Being that I've recently met the man and he wrote a great book about race in the NBA, I've been testing out his flavors, so to speak. I'm struck by his reaction to what Dr. K said to him a couple weeks ago. Only now do I realize its significance. Dr. K told Shields about this poetry he'd been writing with quotes from graphic novels. His response was initially similar to my own: "That's cool, man..." awkward silence because I don't think bringing up that 'Batman's freakin' awesome' is an academically appropriate follow up to what the man clearly takes great pride in. Shields eventually asks whether or not Dr. K cites his sources in the poetry. Dr. K says no and instantly Shields is all ears and dying to see it. The revelation is this, sometimes the only solace you have in a life full of unyielding work, issues, and challenges is finding your favorite rule and breaking it... time and time again. Ah, the subtle charm of disobedience. Song of the Day- Sight to Behold-Devandra Banhart, Jazz Song of the Day- Mami Gato- Medeski, Martin, and Wood

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