Monday, April 11, 2011

"Me and Harpua Couldn't Care Fewer"

Labels are starting to wear me thin, man. I think labels of any kind, whether dourogatory not, are incredibly limiting. I feel like once someone is labeled one thing it prevents them from being something else in another person's eyes due to the connotations of that label. For instance, politically, if you're labled a Republican, you may be inclined to automatically be against Democratic ideas. Labels don't even have to be that obvious. I'm not too fond of defining myself as a "Christian" because, honestly, while I believe in God and Jesus and whatnot, I find myself time and time again frustrated with the idea of organized religion and people who use their religion as an excuse to "speak on behalf of God" and push ideas on and/or harm others verbally and physically. I feel like my faith is stronger than ever, but no longer has too much to do with a church. To each their own. Recently, I was labeled a sportswriter. This was meant to be a compliment, (and explain why I knew such NBA news and notes for the past ten years so casually off the top of my head) but while not offended, I didn't really take it as such a compliment. It automatically implies that my fiction and academic writing is not worth note. Our interests, skills, passions and values go so far beyond what we do and what we believe in. I define myself as Tom Policastro, a man who happens to be American, with an interest in writing, music, radio, and basketball. Everything else is strictly subjective, and that's what defines me. I suggest you do the same (with your own name, of course). Song of the Day: Uncle-Xavier Rudd Jazz Song of the Day: Play-Paul Motian Trio

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