Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The sight on how to create a website is pretty basic, but overall pretty effective. The text contrast of the piece makes the text readable. While the font could be larger I think it is hard to find a text color that would not contrast heavily to such a blaringly loud yellow hue. There are links at the top and side of the page that can help you access answers to your specific questions. The fact that the links are always present on the side even as you scroll is definitely a plus. Perhaps the website could be spaced out better, as all of the site’s content can be found one page. I would most certainly put separate content on separate web pages, but the links allow for quick access anyway. In conclusion, I’ve certainly seen better and worse sites, and overall I think the site fills its purpose. (Which is found at the top of the page and should be larger, text variation is an issue, as they want to prevent the words and topics from being muddled together and/or skimmed.)

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