Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holy Cluttered Webspace Batman!

I suppose this was inevitably going to come out eventually, so I'd rather get it over with. My square indulgence in this world is what we'll call an "appreciation" for the cape and cowl of Batman. I wouldn't say I'm a nerd about it, but the fact that I check once every couple of weeks may in fact undermine my claim. Let's just say I like to stay informed. On to business....

I've never been a fan of this homepage. There a graphics and advertisements that cover a lot of the surface area of the site. In order to get too the current movie news, you have to scroll down a ways which is a pain, considering that is the purpose of the web page. The links to other interesting stories on the site are found at the top of the page, that is a plus. However, these links are small, found in one big clumpy list, and the gray font does not contrast well with the black background. These three factors combined force a reader to skim and find it difficult to find a specific article on the site. Links to other pages on the site are tiny and seem to hide in the left column of the web page. Compared to the ads and graphics they are practically invisible.

Following the most recent story, a huge advertisement is present before you ever see other stories, this would discourage me from reading on in the site, as I would assume that all important information would be found before the advertisement. A pain of a website, but the reporting is solid.

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