Friday, August 5, 2011

Would You Not Like To Be Okay?

Okay, so the real point of this post is to let you all know that I'm going to be getting a few things going over the next week. I plan on creating a strictly NBA blog entitled "Roundball Recitative: An Artisan's Guide To Brick City" and a blog to showcase more of my creative works (fiction, plays, etc.) entitled, "Ours Poetica."
I'll be starting up a facebook "Fan" page (I wish they were called something different than that. It makes me seem like I think I'm a big deal, or something.) to keep you all abreast of new works in all mediums: basketball (Brick City), creative works (Ours), and life musings/misc. (Yesternow). I appreciate your readership immensely. When I make these things available, please sign up and tell your friends if something strikes you. Through this page and my twitter, I'll be letting you know of different open mics I'll be speaking at and in the near future (not quite this week, but sooner rather than later) I'll be creating a Youtube channel for oral presentations of my poetry. I'll keep you all in the loop via the fan page, but be on the lookout if your interested. I'm trying to get my voice out there at this point and I'd love your help.
I know that my true friends are not limited to those who read this blog, but I don't text (that was a joke... kind of). Your support and caring for me over the highs and lows of these years have meant the absolute most you can possibly imagine. Words fail me. I thank you and can't wait to share with you these new endeavors of mine and hopefully share the fruits of the labor with you as well.
Now, with the self indulgence behind us, I'd love to leave you with a simple re-telling of a conversation I had with a 7 year-old the other day.
Kid: Guess what my cousin found last weekend.
Me: What?
Kid: He found the tip of an elephant trunk. (He meant "tusk" but I don't want to misquote him.)
Me: Wow. That's pretty exotic. Where did he find that?
Kid: Jersey
I don't think there's much commentary I can add to that.
Song of the Day: Heaven And Hell-Black Sabbath
Jazz Song of the Day: Full Time-Regina Carter

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