Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stars, Stripes, and Sean Taylor Forever

The month of July has brought about some new and exciting experiences coupled with the reprise of annual outings that have become a sign of the season and, in many ways, staples in my life.
There is no more proper, and indeed enjoyable, way to celebrate a nation's independence than to spend the day at Sean Taylor's Fourth of July gathering in the Hamptons. In addition to paying homage to the stars and stripes, family and friends also celebrated the graduation of Sean Taylor's sister, Erin. My deepest congratulations to her and the family on what was a fine way to end an era of Sean Taylor Hamptons celebrations.
Enough of the heartfelt moment. The day itself was beautiful gathering of friends highlighted by my own intestinal fortitude as I ate many a sausage, a stirring rendition of "Mustang Sally" from the mom-magnet himself, John Johnson, a nearly as poignant arrangement of "Summer In The City" by Jay and Bob (not silent, in case you were wondering), and other less-than-noteworthy but nonetheless enjoyable moments. Jay and I are strongly considering a career change in which we help run parties via DJing, emceeing, and whatnot. Definitely not a bad idea. I think if we bring Matty Matura in on the business this could very quickly turn from semi-joke to very viable option.
Due to the harsh sun, I was forced to adorn a very special straw hat that I can only describe as "fun in the sun meets the bright lights of vaudeville." What started out as a fashion statement of necessity soon became an expression of self as the sun went down and the hat stayed on. While I hear straw sun hats are very passe in Milan, the South of France, and whatever other fashion capital you undoubtedly know more about than me, apparently I pulled off the look well, and received praise for the look throughout the night and even the next morning (proving that alcohol was at least not the primary reason for such rave reviews). Even as I initially nestled in for the night in an uncomfortable chair with my head atop a mound of hamburger buns, subconsciously (very subconsciously) the hat stayed on. I find that so much of great fashion is simply instinct that some are blessed with *cough* and others are not.
Speaking of heroic headware, one little kid at the party had a balloon hat that he proceeded to make larger and larger throughout the day, but unfortunately the hat met an untimely demise, leading the child to be none too pleased. Kind of a dumb story through type, but to see it was too believe it. Grebe, Jay and I wound up passing out in a row on the floor of Sean Taylor's living room (sans buns). It was carpeted... worse slumbers have happened. The day night before, Grebe, Sean Taylor, and I were considering going to the Boardy Barn the following day. We awoke and realized that probably wasn't a great idea. It rained anyway, so it all worked out.
I probably should have mentioned that was only July 2nd. The fourth itself was mercifully much more mundane as we spent the evening in Astoria doing some grilling on a neighbor's grill (much more of an ordeal than it should have been). Jam sessions were abundant as we settled atop Ben and Jake's roof to take fireworks you could see from the city and a few in Astoria itself. A nice relaxing time with good friends.
I assure you I have so much more to say, it's simply getting late and I don't want to sacrifice details in my fit of fatigue. Look for a new post tomorrow.
Thanks for reading, it means a lot. I think it's pretty clear from the terrible jokes that sometimes surface on the screen that in a way I wrote in this blog for myself at first. To see 30-40 pageviews for each post is far more than I could ever have imagined. I'm so pleased that at a few of you seem to enjoy what I have to say, and you've added a whole new element to "Yesternow."
Thanks again.
Song of the Day: Lying In The Hands Of God- Dave Matthews Band
Jazz Song of the Day: Prickly Pair- The Flecktones

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