Friday, February 11, 2011

Accolades, Equality, and the Lies of ZZ Top

At long last, the Rhapsody Concert has been scheduled. It was bit more of a strenuous process than it usually has been, but it's scheduled and I can look back upon those hoops and hurdles jumped with the fondness of a child remembering their first visit to the dentist.

Speaking of Rhapsody, we're blowing the dust off a few old songs as well polishing up some new tracks this semester which is always really cool. We're even giving former member and good friend of mine, Dennis "Gloves" Madden an impromptu and super mysterious solo. The suspense appears to be killing him. Apparently, he's not as excited by the idea as I am. I don't doubt the experience will culminate into my perfect Rhapsody send-off and a regrettable, but worthwhile end to a four year friendship. The juice is worth the squeeze.

Final Rhapsody note: I'm in the process of setting up our yearly baseball fundraiser with the Revs. The actual implementation of this community service takes place predominantly next semester. Also, shrinking space here at YCP have forced Rhapsody to book its concert dates a year in advance. I'm currently working on that paperwork, having already selected the dates for next fall and spring respectively. I get a chuckle that in my last year of presidency, I'm indirectly completing the dirty work for a group I won't actually be a part of by the time the dates themselves roll around. I'm considering putting Rhapsody President 08-12 on my resume.

Speaking of my resume, it appears I have a new accolade to add to it. I was selected by York's radio station WVYC to represent them as a nominee for "Most Creative Show Format" at the National IBS Conference in New York this year. It's a tremendous honor and I'm thrilled to be considered. It goes to show that not everyone can combine the NBA, jazz, and classic and folk rock as smoothly as I can.

In all seriousness, I'm super honored and I have to believe I have a shot. I think what my senior year is coming down to is the realization that no one else can do what I do, the way that I do it. Be that with radio, writing, the NBA, and various blends of the three aspects of my life. I'm beginning to realize just how unique my skills set is, and the potential I have as a person. I apologize if I sound a little arrogant, but for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm on the verge of self-actualization in the professional world, and that's a feeling that's exciting, scary, and powerful.

Anyway, I'll be recording my next few shows and between those and the couple I already have archived, my friends will help me edit the piece down to a five minute segment that will showcase the flavor of my show that will be submitted. I'll keep you in the loop.

Advice of the Day: Unless you are blind, or very uncomfortable with the appearance of your eyes, never where sunglasses indoors. I promise you, you look like a fucking moron. (I don't swear very often.) No matter how cool you may feel, no matter how cool the world may look tinted, and no matter how big of a Corey Feldman fan you may be, you look like an idiot. I can rant all day and night about that but hopefully I've said enough. Fluorescent lights don't give off UV rays, you'll live.

Thought of the Day: Proof that we are all created equal can be found in the restroom. I'm not trying to gross anyone out, but today in the bathroom while I was washing my hands, a professor whom I hold in high regard walked in and greeted me with a warm nod. He then proceeded to enter a stall and take care of his business. In that moment, the admiration and revelry that I held towards this man briefly vanished. In that moment, he became a mere mortal, just like me, who happened to be making some strange noise that made me want to leave the room as quickly as possible. Whenever you're feeling down on yourself and inferior, take solace in this thought.

Song of the Day: Nobody's Child - Electric Light Orchestra
Jazz Song of the Day: El Bozo Pt. III - Chick Corea

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