Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey, my name is Tom. I'm a professional writing major at York College of Pennsylvania. Writing has always been something I've valued a great deal in my life. Working with computers on the other hand, has never been a strong suit or priority to me. This blog, and web writing as a whole is a very new experience to me, and I look forward to learning and growing from it.

I dig music, jazz, rock etc.
I do a great deal of singing and am involved with a couple of groups here at school. Including holding the presidency of YCP's Rhapsody. At home a sing in an acoustic group "The Umbrellas" with some friends of mine.

I'm a big basketball fan and enjoy playing, learning, and talking about the game. (Specifically on the NBA level)

I like to laugh and relax with good people and I look forward to sharing more with you as I traverse the treacherous terrain of the World Wide Web one post at a time.

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